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Hello, my name is Daniel Newton. I am an Industrial Designer with a strong passion for furniture, lighting, interior, & architecture. 


Designing & creating is my true passion. I have always had a healthy obsession with design of all kinds; Its past, present, & future. I went into Industrial Design in hopes to one day have my own design studio specifically for furniture & home décor. 


My approach to design and methodology is based upon the principles of Bauhaus. I am fluent in all the current trends in materials and manufacturing. Additionally my time at MDM Design Studios not only allowed me to grow as a designer but also as a wood & metal worker.


I thrive in both individual & collaborative work. Furthermore, my international experience studying and working in Taiwan was a defining time in my career; further expanding my perspective as a  designer. This variety has gifted me a unique & well-rounded perspective as a design professional.


Hard work, dedication, and an innovative & methodical approach to design are just a few of the valuable traits I can offer. I am a self-motivated individual that is willing to learn and adapt to new situations; with a healthy curiosity & love of learning.


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