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Product Design


Bauhaus Tea Kettle

Design Challenge:

Almost every well known designer has at one point in their career designed some version of a teapot or tea kettle that imbodies themselves and their personal beliefs and style as a designer. This is mine.

Versatile Home Decor 

Design Inspiration:

This design was meant to be a present to my sister-in-law. Shortly after is fabrication, I quickly discovered its true potential a designed piece of home decor.


Anthropometric Box Cutter

Design Challenge:

This in-house design competition while at Auburn University challenged us to design a box cutter that was truly anthropometric; with considerations to wrist posture, tissue compression, and other ergonomic factors. I place 2nd overall.

Pregnancy Test

Design Inspiration:

Pregnancy tests can be somewhat expensive and users tend to experience difficulty in reading the results. Therefore, I designed one that solved these common issues, could also be a keep sake for the parents.

Floss Dispenser.jpg

Anthropometric Floss Dispenser

Design Intention:

My intentions regarding the floss dispenser were not only anthropometric, but marketability. I designed it hoping it would increase the number of children that floss on a frequent basis.

Acoustic Design - Subwoofer

Design Approach:

Designing acoustics requires a thorough understanding of how sound travels through particles in the air. IIn order to achieve this specific form, I had to re engineer the mechanics and electricals. 

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