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Graphic Design

The Letlow Company (Redesigned)

Design Challenge:

The redesign for this company was long overdue. Finding a correlation between the geometry of the typeface and design/build concept was challenging; but I eventually found a successful solution that communicated the clients intent.   


Design Description:

This is one of my personal business concepts, in which I was able to develop an entire brand Identity and marketing campaign.


The Opelika Observer (Redesigned)

Design Inspiration:

After encountering the previous graphics for this newspaper, I knew it was time for an upgrade. I took it upon myself to redesign this company. The monocle was inspired by the idea of 'observation'.

Meta (Redesigned)

Design Challenge:

This was a personal project and a fun challenge for me. I wanted to redesign the company and also develop and entire visual & brand identity.

Raediant Wellness

Design Narrative:

Rae came to me after creating a new health and wellness center. She need a brand that would not just communicate but reflect her businesses goals for its clients. 

Halawakee Hollow

Design Narrative:

Megan lives in rural Alabama and has a few acres of beautiful, private land with a small river that runs behind the property. She decided to promote a weekend camping retreat on Airbnb but wanted a logo to really sell the idea. That is when I stepped in...

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