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Portrait Photography

Photographic Approach:

My personal approach to portrait photography is the idea if intimacy. I get a full range of pictures, but prefer up-close and personal shots. This way I am real able to capture the subject profile, emotions, and micro-expressions. 

Artistic Photography

Photographic Perspective:

I naturally gravitate toward the categories of Urban & Rural Decay. I love a old barn, or a barn in general; anything broken or adjunct. Each and every picture here tells a story; either of its past, present, or future: and some are even metaphorical. 

Wedding Photography

Photographic Narrative:

Justin & Marissa were only three months away from their wedding day and still had not nailed down a photographer. Fate would have it we would meet somewhere in Birmingham, AL and that is when I offered them my services. For my very first wedding, I was extremely pleased with the results. 

Nature & Animal Photography

Photographic Description:

Capturing the Beauty of lots of dog photography.

Product Photogrpahy

Photographic Approach:

Communicating a products purpose and function while simultaneously composing a photo that is visual captivating and appealing are my main priorities when it comes to product photography.

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